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Education Solutions

We all want our nation’s schools to be safe, secure learning environments
where students can realize their full potential. This requires reliable, continuous
communication among school personnel, both onsite and district-wide, plus the
ability to instantly connect with first responders in an emergency. This seamless
communication must be delivered over any network, from any location, using any
device. Team Communications from Motorola Solutions provides this seamless
integration, helping schools preserve the all-important safety of their students.

Team Communications empowers educational institutions to transform how
they communicate, enabling individuals to share real-time information to make
schools safer and staff more productive. Schools across the U.S. use Team
Communications from Motorola Solutions to deliver unified voice and data to
administrators, teachers, maintenance, security, coaches, and other personnel,
improving decision making, increasing visibility into school activities, and ensuring
students thrive in a safe environment. 


Motorola Team Communications for schools connects your
staff instantly, without boundaries and with more information
at their fingertips. You can enrich your communications and
boost school safety with data and applications designed to
simplify your communications and enable the exchange of realtime information. Connect staff and public safety personnel in
an emergency. Keep track of students, colleagues, and assets
from any location. Monitor buses and routes in real time.
Link districts and staff efficiently over any device. With Team
Communications from Motorola Solutions, staff members are
more productive and schools are simply safer.